"Rest in Pee" is a unisex pocket urinal that can be used by travelers, pregnant women, patients of arthritis , back pain, joint pain, paralysis, diabetes, urinary incontinence, physically disabled people, and bedridden or older people. It is world's 1st & only UV sterilized disposable paper urinal. you can urinate directly inside the bag and it will instantly turn urine into the fragrant gel. It can be used inside the car, sleeper coach, train,  changing room or anywhere with little privacy. what are you waiting for? Order now!


About Us

About the Product

 β€˜Rest in Pee ’ is world's 1st UV sterilized Disposable Urinal. it is the most innovatively designed disposable urinal which contains a Funnel and Urine bag both! It allows women to have the comfort of peeing while standing, into the bag using the attached funnel. This relieving unisex product allows one to be carefree while travelling huge miles. One can pee whenever and wherever one wants to. 


  • UV sterilized
  • Made from Paper
  • Non Toxic
  • Compact Size
  • Easy to Use
  • Leak Proof
  • Most Affordable

Why Rest in Pee?

 This product is unisex. It can be used by travelers, patients of arthritis or back pain, pregnant women, bedridden patients in hospital or elder people who can’t walk and go to toilet. people with urinary incontinence etc. We all know how tough and embarrassing it is to take help of others to pee on the bed with those frequently used urine tubs. 'Rest in Pee' contains absorbent powder which converts urine into the gel within seconds thus it prevents the leakage and spreads fragrance too! Above all its UV sterilized, safe to use. the bag has capacity of holding 800 ml of urine thus one can use one urine bag for two or three times in one day!  

How to Use Rest in Pee!

Here is the video which will show you how to use this revolutionary product

Rest in Pee

When urge is unbearable!

When your bladder can't hold it

When you feel embarassed

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