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Rest in Pee is proudly Made in India with sanitary and health issues as our prime concern. It is non-toxic and safe to use.

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UV-sterilised pocket urinal

1st and only UV sterilised disposable paper urinal. It is non-toxic, pleasant in fragrance, leak-proof, odour-free, compact, and easy to use.

Why Rest In Pee?

Rest in Pee — a pocket urinal which can be used in cases of emergencies by travellers and people who do not have access to toilets for an extended period of time. It is also useful for people with medical conditions like patients of arthritis, back pain, pregnant women, joint pain, paralysis, diabetes, urinary incontinence, physically disabled people, and bedridden or older people. For women who face problems like UTI-this is safest urinal on the planet.

Our Product

Disposable Pocket Urinal @169 Rs.

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‘Rest in Pee ’ is world’s 1st & only UV sterilized disposable paper urinal. You can urinate directly inside the bag and it will instantly turn urine into the fragrant gel.
It is the most innovatively designed disposable urinal which contains a Funnel and Urine bag both! It allows women to have the comfort of peeing while standing, into the bag using the attached funnel. Also, it is non-toxic, non hazardous, leak-proof, odour-free, compact, and easy to use.

How to Use ?


Empty the contents of the sachet into the bag


Place &pee, Relax! Your urine will turn into the fragrant gel


Use the wet tissue for hygiene


Dispose it using the provided garbage bag

Where to Use?





Senior Citizen

Key Features

UV Sterilized& Hygienic

Made from Paper

Non Toxic

Compact Size

Easy to Use

Leak Proof


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