About Us

Journey Behind Rest In Pee

Prakash Prajapati, journalist-turned-private-detective-turned-inventor and entrepreneur, with Sushma Patel, a Lab-technician and a Zumba instructor by profession are the reason behind the idea of Rest in Pee.

About Us

After a 12-year stint as a journalist, Prakash decided to quit journalism and pursue a career as a private detective. He launched his private detective agency called, “Seventh Sense Group” in Surat, in 2010. Unable to answer nature’s call while on assignments as a detective, Prakash realised that he had to come up with a solution to avoid health complications.
Prakash’s friend, Sushma Patel knew of his predicament and had similar problems to share. Sushma lived with her father who was unwell and needed her help when going to the bathroom every time. Because of this, she also started developing a backache having to manage his weight.

So,they designed a pocket urinal which can be used in cases of emergencies by travellers and people who do not have access to toilets for an extended period of time.Prakash and Sushma did a lot of research before coming up with the product. At first, they experimented with the material, then they added a gusset which made the bag more compact. Later a funnel was added with the gusset. After they had devised the design, they had to ensure that there was no way that the urine would leak out of the bag. Finally, they found the perfect combination of chemicals which could convert urine into gel instantly. It took Prakash and Sushma more than a year to develop the product which went on sale in June 2019.

Why Rest In Pee?

Now, with Rest in Pee:

1) You should no longer hold your pee which could be a cause of kidney stones or an infection in the uterus.
2) Say no to wiping filthy toilet seats which directly brings you in contact of germs leading to many diseases.
3) Don’t try semi-squats or say no to hovering because that may make your bladder weak over a period of time.
Carry your saviour with you. Rest in Pee — a pocket urinal which is safe to use and, portable and disposable.