Can it be reused?

Not exactly, it’s a disposable Urinal, however it can be used 2-3 times depending upon one’s urine output. Human bladder can hold up to 400-500 ml of urine. The bag has a capacity of holding up to 800 ml of urine hence it can be reused if one wishes to!

Will it leak or smell bad?

The urine gets converted into fragrant gel hence it will not leak or give out bad smell when kept aside. The bag can be folded and locked by pressing the metal strip provided at the back of the bag!

Do we need to add the chemical again for next use?

No. the sachet provided needs to be emptied only during the first use…later on one can pee directly into the bag with gel.

Is there an Expiry date?

There is no expiry date for the bag and chemical as such…But the wet tissue provided can get dried up after two years hence provided with the best before date.

Is the chemical/gel Bio degradable?

No it is not completely bio degradable, But it is safe, Non toxic, Non Hazardous

Can one wear the bag?

No-one can wear it inside the undergarment. it is different from diapers.

Can completely bed ridden females use REST IN PEE.?

NO, it may cause back flow of urine while lying down. Males can use it when bed ridden.

How do Females use?

The funnel of the bag is especially designed for the females. one needs to place the bag at the flow area and pee directly into the bag.

How to dispose it?

It should be disposed in the provided garbage bag. You can dispose it into green bin where diapers are disposed. Do not Flush into the toilet.

Is it Only for Females?

It is Unisex Pocket Urinal

Does it have plastic content?

Yes, the bag is LDPE coated. Without this coating it can’t hold the urine.

How long does it take to convert urine into the gel?

10 to 15 seconds for the first time. For the second time use it may take a little more time

What is the Price?

Rs. 169 is MRP

How many units does one box contain?

There are three units in one box

What do I get in one Unit?

One Unit contains Urine Bag, Absorbent Powder Sachet, Wet Wipes and the Garbage Bag.

Where can I use this product?

One can use it inside the Car, Sleeper Coach Bus, Changing Room, Train’s Toilet or any Place with Little Privacy

Do I Need Privacy to Use this Product?

Yes, One must hide him/herself in order to use this product

How does a Woman use it inside the car

A Woman can use it on the back seat of the car. If she faces difficulties, she can stand and pee by covering herself opening both the left doors (front & back)

Can patient with extreme urinary incontinence use this product?

Mostly not, if the patient doesn’t realize of his urge to pee, he should not use this product, however people with mild urinary incontinence can use it.

Is there any other Use of this product?

Yes, in case of emergency, one can use it for vomiting also, you can add absorbent powder after you are done.