We are gratified to familiarize you that Rest-in-Pee was bestowed by two awards back to back in a month.

The 101 Most Fabulous Global Healthcare Leader Awards was held at Taj Lands End, Mumbai, by World Health & Wellness Congress, in which there were representatives of different fields out of which only 101 leaders were chosen, out of all, the Co-Founder of Rest-in-Pee Sushma Patel was granted the same award by Dr. Tarita Shankar, Founder Secretary & Chief Managing Trustee of SCES, and also the chairperson of IGI, on 14th of February 2020.

And the fluke of date, on 14th of March 2020, Women of Wonders Award 2020 was held at Kratos Club, Surat, by Pooja Vyaas a Socialite. Sushma Patel the Co-founder of Rest-in-Pee was awarded the Innovative Women Award, by the Pleader Nayan Sukhadwala.

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