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“Rest is pee is an unique product available in the market. The quality of the product is amazing and customers are frequently buying it as it serves them perfectly when they need it the most. The product is manufactured in such a way that it's very easy to use and can be discarded in a proper manner”

Deepak Viswanathan Chief Executive Fifty Plus, Coimbatore

“Rest in Pee” this is an innovative product to collect urine conveniently anywhere who is concerned about hygiene., it’s a compact product with safe disposable. Rest in Pee is Better way to better healthcare .”

P Viswanathan CEO- Horizon Healthcare, Chennai

“I believe that, "Rest in pee" is really helpful to various sections of needy people, not only patients. It's really an innovative product which will improve the quality of life of needy patients who are affected by Urine incontination particularly. Thank you.”

P.N Rajasekhar Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

“I am really thankful to Founders for inventing very very useful product that is Rest in Pee . It is very easy to carry in handbag while traveling. Ladies and gents both can use .every public place washroom is not so clean and convenient for handicap people so in that case we can use Rest in Pee in little private room or car..its blessing for senior citizen and differently abled people.”

Kokila shah Differently abled woman entrepreneur, Mumbai

“Why should one wait, if you have a product called "Rest In Pee " .. Just open , pass your pee and move on and be in peace. A unique product which is going to change the mindset of the society.. It is a convenient, discreet and hygienic way to pee when there is no rest room available. You can now answer " Nature's call " no matter where you are. Perfectly designed to have at hand for all family members. 😊”

Krishnan Iyer UAE

“I came to know about this great product Rest in Pee through a whatsapp fwd msg. i contacted the company directly and got 3 packets on a trial basis for my mother who on account of operation of her toe and hip cannot use Indian style public toilets while travelling. I have found that she is able to use it without any issue and is happy using it. Since there is no odour post using , she is fine by the packet being in the car.”

Srinivasan Sundaram Mumbai

“Rest in pee is one of the greatest inventions I have ever come across. It's such a boon/ blessing For caregivers when they take care of their loved ones especially the ones who are terminally ill. It's so convenient and easy to carry and can be very hygenically disposed. Its also a very handy travelling companion. GOD BLESS THE CREATORS OF REST IN PEE”

Elsa Baptista Margaon, Goa

“This is a very useful device. thanks to the founders, A very important, safe to use for patients and caregivers.”

Srila Chakraborty Retired senior engineer, Eastern Railway, Asansol, West Bengal

“I am a senior citizen, residing in Coimbatore. I will share an embarassing incident which took place a couple of years back. We were travelling by car to attend a wedding in Malappuram district in Kerala. I had an urge to pass urine and since I was on medication it assumed urgency. No rest rooms were on the way, and so the driver stopped the car near some bushes. I tried to finish fast and in the process my trouser leg got shamefully wet. At the marriage hall, I was hopefully waiting outside willing my trouser legs to dry. Even during the function, half my mind was on my trouser legs. It was a thoroughly disgusting experience. When "Rest in Pee" came in the market, I grabbed it with both my hands. I find it very convenient to use and dispose. No more worries about availability and cleanliness of rest rooms. Honestly "Rest in Pee" has 'rested my mind in peace'. And, this is not a sponsored write up.....”

Nathan Coimbatore